Talent AI Platform

By combining big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence technology, we are able to help governmental agencies and corporate enterprises of all levels by providing an in-depth look at individual analytics, profiles, talent maps, talent recommendations, introductions, and overall growth, et al. Our goal is to build up a big data talent pool to integrate a cross-party of data resources, therefore improving overall mapping proficiency. 


Dig Data


Cloud Computing


Artificial Intelligence

HR Sharing Services Centre

We provide professional and accurate service by using big data and AI technologies to create a full-service digital management platform, in aiding government and corporate enterprises with professional human resources, including the finding and retaining of highly talented individuals, maximizing any current competitive advantages, the reduction of costs, increase of efficiency, and enabling them to focus on their core business.

 HR Sharing Services Centre
HR Sharing Services Centre
Information Technology Sharing Services Centre
Information Technology Sharing Services Centre
Legal Service Sharing Services Centre
Legal Service Sharing Services Centre
Cross Enterprise Skills Training Center

We offer your employees vocational skills training, including continuous vocational skill education and lifelong learning, to ensure they can obtain practical experiences and professional skills that can keep pace with the ever-changing market. This will provide them with future opportunities for advancement and will benefit the company as you continuously adapt to new industry challenges.


Employees vocational skills training


Continuous vocational skill education and lifelong learning


Obtain practical experiences and professional