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Who We Are

JR Talent Ltd. is a digital Chinese workforce solutions and technology company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, that provides both organizations and individuals with a continuity of staffing solutions based on our advanced and accurate algorithms. Our company predominately works with upper level management talents. We focus on accurate matching recommendations, flexible staffing, outsourcing, corporate consulting, and employee growth. The company’s development strategy is aimed at partnering with international enterprises, while still fostering a close relationship with talents and advancements made across industries in domestic China. 

Our Technology

To better serve our customers and provide an accurate matching system, we have developed our own algorithm that we use across all our platforms. Our computations are based on big data analysis and the most up-to-date AI technologies. JR Talent Ltd. also pays close attention to the development of Blockchain technology as we are creating the components necessary to bring this technology into the traditional field of human resources  Sustainability and innovation are great passions of JR Talent Ltd., so in addition to our expertise on staffing trends within the workforce, we have invested a large amount of resources towards the fields of scientific innovation and technological research and development. As of today, our company has applied for over 20 industry-related software patents, concentrating on the functions of persona profiling, talent management, accurate talent searching, and intelligent talent matching. 

Corporate Culture

Becoming the most reliable and sought-after company for talent acquisition in the global market.


Speed and accuracy when matching top companies with the right talents.

Speed and accuracy when matching top talents with the right companies. 

Our Values
Our Values

Client-First, Accountable, Dependable, Excellence

Our Team

As a professional and innovative team: we believe a better world is 

based on better communication and on proper methodology. With

 the help of our experienced management, we have created a dynamic 

and experienced team equipped with knowledge of the most cutting-edge 

technology available. Our team is enthusiastic to show their professionalism 

as they continue to innovate in this industry. 


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Address:Xiangqi investment building, 128 Xinzhou 11th Street, Futian District, Shenzhen